Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Things Today’s Parents Shouldn’t Overlook – Funke Awolowo

Generally exchanging pleasantries is honourable and the aspect of greetings is a normal occurrence, however increasingly I see it becoming a struggle.
This is as a result of class consciousness and totally wrong upbringing. Over the years and most recently this behavior pattern had become prevalent with the youths and our teens.

Nowadays parents are laid back about character development and rather than correct or rebuke choose to overlook this rude behavior. I can recall in those days being literally disgraced and ordered to kneel down and greet an elderly person. In most cases when it was not even deliberate. We must really ensure that our young ones are well informed, respectful and not dysfunctional.

Growing up I discovered snobbery when I moved from Ibadan to Lagos. In Lagos there seem to be more awareness on who belonged to the creme of society and those who did not match up were relegated to be of lower standards and made to feel undesirable.

Do you know that this was the style even in the secondary schools. So it’s not surprising that these adults have transferred the improper mannerisms to the next generation.
I recall one circumstance where one of my cousins was tagged "greeter' after a rather young girl looked away rather than respond to her greeting and that was the fun it evoked.

This rather ignorant, uncouth behaviour pattern must stop, so as to attain the right social values rather than the adoption of base and foolish behavioural patterns.

In conclusion Pride always goes before a fall. The good Lord resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Wisdom is fundamental!!!

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