Saturday, July 6, 2019

Ways to revamp your wears

Maximise your wears by the art of layering : layering your wears is the act of tweaking of styles from the previous ways you have worn it. A blazer , white t-shirt combined with a pair of culottes , black or blue pencil jean or a mom jean.

Accessorize your jean or skater skirt: give your old jean or skater skirt a new look by embellishing it with pearls, studs, stones, crystal beads, colorful buttons and petals .

Shop from the thrift stores: you can get exclusive design of wears at a thrift store without spending a lot just because you need to change your wears . Your thrift wears can look expensive when assembled with the right accessories.

Invest in a capsule collection : firstly, for our readers that have no idea what a capsule collection means . A capsule collection is a few essentials of clothing items that don’t go out of fashion , such as skirts, trousers , blazers and dress. This clothing items can be augmented with seasonal pieces to maximize the number of outfits that can be created . You can achieve this idea by buying what are considered to be a staple item in coordinating colors.

Wear the same pair of dress in different ways : don’t limit wearing your wears in the same old ways. You can wear your shirt by knotting the hemline of your shirt, wearing your shirt anterior view to your posterior view and letting the shoulder off. Wear a fitted corset over your shirt either by tucking or flying out the hemline with a pair of pencil jean or skirt. Also you can wear your shirt dress with a pair of mini skirt.

Make your own wears : if you are creative and can tailor your wears yourself, you can alterate your old wears to a new design . Shred the hemline of your jean skirt or trouser. Apply a playful or colorful badge on your t-shirt or shirt. Reduce the length of your palazzo pants to a bumper shorts. Add lace trimmings to the hemline of your A-shape dress, shirts and trousers.

Learn to mend : we often make the mistake of tossing our outfits when slightly damaged, when your wears get burnt , don’t be quick to dispose it, you can patch it with a floral patch or a plain one but that depends on the texture of fabric that got burnt. A faded pair of dress or top can be revamped by applying a color splash of paint on your wears. The use of sequence on a torn fabric just to give it another look.

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