Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What l Will Miss About My Late Dad - LONDON Big Babe,Yeye Dupsy Olugbodi-Alade

It is no longer news that London Celebrity Lady Yeye Dupsy Olugbodi-Alade recently lost her dad, Papa Jacob Ogunremi Olugbodi . He was 92.

The burial will hold in a few days and she is coming in from London to join her siblings and family members. Burial will hold on Friday 12th July 2019 and 13th July 2019.

What does she miss about her dad? "A lot.l miss a lot about him.His counsel & advice when I need it.He is so good at calming situation down."

What name does he call her? Dupe. Any nickname? None

How did she take the news of her dad's passing away?Did she cry?Was he ill before now?

I was not too bad because I spoke with him that day in the morning and he prayed for me and my siblings including our kids as usual. So that really consoles me
Knowing that I got chance to talk to him the very day he died.

He was in hospital on the 2nd of Feb and died while he was discharged on the 3rd of February. He spoke really clearly that day. So, I did not even suspected that he is going.

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