Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What Naija Women In Dublin Wear To Parties

Have you ever wondered what Naija women who live in Dublin wear to parties?

We can tell you.

Usually, most of us kind of dress casually on daily basis, due to the winter season and Or work /employees uniform, to their respective jobs

The summer period is, usually times when one is dressed without to cover up winter jackets. But, our fashion senses are exhibited then. And we usually colourful with our dress mode.

The only unique thing is how accessories, as in the use of simple jewelry to complement our fashion senses.

Also, our use of hair wigs and different hair styles that makes us outstanding amongst Irish women in general.

The Nigerian women fashion Style in Ireland is usually determined by the weather.

There are four weather seasons in Ireland. Spring - (March, April, May). Summer - (June, July August). Autumn - (September, October, November). Winter - (December, January, February)

Each season brings a little special something and pretty much all of them bring a good measure of rain - which Ireland is pretty famous for.

Whatever season it may be, Nigerian women in Ireland are known for their outstanding fashion styles or senses.

Usually, there are different dress up occasions. Mainly: casual or informal dress up, formal dress ups, occasional dress ups.

What makes Nigerian women fashion style outstanding is our knowledge of colour combinations or the new trend of colour blockings.

Also, Nigerian women are known for their shoes and bags matching abilities. Which is sort of an issue or challenge to find matching shoes and bags in Irish fashion stores, unless mostly in Nigerian Fashion stores.

As it is well known that Nigerian women in Ireland have a great taste of for fashion. The shoes and bags are always quality Italian leathers. Or well-known designer products of various classic products from all around the world.

Nigerian women are also great, when it comes to accessorising the fashion styles with simple jewellery on her a daily basis and formal occasion.

And for the glamorous events, Nigerians women would go out of their way to complement their gorgeous fashion styles real golds, ranging from 18 carats gold to 24 carats gold, which usually are expensive.

But recently, a few Nigerian women would sometimes rock grade ‘A’ fashion costume jewelleries, which are usually classic and perfect for glamorous events too.

As Nigerian women in Ireland are mostly from the Yoruba and Igbo tribes.

And every tribe has its distinctive fashion styles, which are usually exhibited mostly during the glamorous events or parties.

Nigerian women usually rock Ankara wax or prints Hollandaise wax, and expensive Swiss, Italian laces of various designs, which are usually tailored into gorgeous or smashing styles, be it iro and buba, skirt and blouse, bubu or kaftans and all the various Ankara or or laces styles, of trending African or Nigerian designers on social media, such as YouTube, Instagram... etc

Aside the glamorous events, Nigerian women normally dress up in Shirts, blouses and jeans trousers during the winter season. And keep warm with heavy winter jacket to keep warm for the season.

Nigerian women fashion styles are mostly seen and complimented during the mild weather seasons, when winter jackets are not worn.

The summer season is when Nigerian women in Ireland are able to be flamboyant with their native attires on a casual or daily basis, although not to their places of work. As most employers design simple employees uniform worn to the various work places.

Nigerian women in Ireland comprises of Christian and Muslim women.

The Muslim women are distinguished by their mode of dressing. The Muslim women can be told apart by their overall covering gowns, and the usual covering of the heads with turban hats, scarves or the hijabs in order to promote the Islamic religious ethics.

Although the winter season, makes most women wear winter hats to prevent head colds for women whose scalps are too sensitive to the cold weather. That notwithstanding the Nigerian Muslims women fashion styles is always distinctive.

While the Nigerian women rock their hijabs, and other Nigerian women rock the winter hats during the winter season.

Nigerian women would rock various types and styles of wigs, ranging from the synthetic wigs to the expensive Brazilian, Indian wigs... etc can be left out. Including the Nigerian women who rock different weaves, braids and the various trending hairstyle you can think of.

The Igbo women, who we could classify to Nigerian women from the Eastern part of Nigeria, comprising of the Benin's, Edo, Ishan, Urhobo... etc.

This Eastern Nigerian women are also distinctive with their mode of dressing. The usually rock expensive Hollandaise George wrappers, Velvet George wrappers with lovely and colourful organza blouse laces, water soluble blouse laces, Swiss laces or Voile laces blouses to compliment the various wrapper materials.

And just like the Nigerian western Yoruba women, they also accessories with lovely and expensive real golds sets, Coral bead sets, and the trendy costume jewellery sets, smashing shoes and bags and lovely heads gele or headgears to complement their overall outfits.

As the saying goes, you are addressed the way you are dressed. Nigerian women in Ireland had always been sophisticated, stunning, glamorous, beautifully represented be it in a daily or casual, formal or glamorous outfits.

A lot of Nigerian women in Ireland receive great compliments from majority of their Irish, European, and the various other nationalities friends and colleagues for the great fashion styles or great fashion tastes in every aspects of the lives.


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