Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Who Says You Can't Be Stylish & Still Be Religious?--LAGOS Celebrity Lady, NIKE NAFISAT BALOGUN

 Lagos Celebrity lady, Nike Nafisat Balogun who was recently celebrated at the 1st City People Online Fashion and Beauty Awards has revealed that a lady can be stylish in her dressing and she can still be deeply religious.
In her recent post after winning her fashion award, she revealed that she is a perfect example of that.

"I am Stylish but l don't expose my body. l don't use a wig, no attachment, no surgery. l believe l am religious and simple in my dressing but l am still honoured with a fashion & Beauty award. l have always been me. I do most of what my religion says is right. Alhamdulillah for the grace.

Truly so. This naturally pretty lady is a very stylish woman no doubt and she does not wear revealing clothes.
She wears long dresses that cover her body yet her beauty is not hidden. She's got a great figure, poise, and carriage.

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