Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Why Hajia ZAKIYAT ALABI Is Popular In The US

Hajia Zakiyat is a beautiful naija celebrity lady who lives in the Maryland area of the U.S..

She is a Fabric Merchant. She is also a gold seller. She sells 18kt Gold jewellery.
She is also a Nurse by profession.
I’m a Nurse Practitioner, but fashion started as a hobby and now a second job.
She is the CEO of Nigermeri Noni.

I sell 18k gold, Italian shoe, and bags. Also different ranges of laces small to high end.

I buy and sell laces, love makeup, I do my own, love pieces of jewelry which I do sell. I love everything about fashion.

With the nature of my primary job, making someone feel good even for a few hours of being pain-free or being there to listen to their concerns go a long way, now that same concept incorporate it into fashion, for that time period where you are dressed and feel happy about yourself, you don’t think of your troubles and worries. 

I love making people look and feel good about themselves.

She is popular because she is a socialite and she has very many friends who buy fabrics and Gold from her.

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