Friday, July 5, 2019

Why l Sell My Fabrics Per Yard Online - Mrs Yetunde Onanuga

She is one of the leading fabric entrepreneurs online. She sells fabrics to many celebrity women and men too. And they rush to her because she stocks good quality fabrics and she sells per yard.

A few days ago Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine asked Mrs Yetunde Onanuga to share her success story with us and she revealed a lot.

I started in January 2017. That was 2 and half years ago. I had tried making enquires about some other line of business but the price that comes with been a dealership was outrageous.

My sister inlaw’s daughter, Jadesola Mustapha had told me, Sis you love buying fabrics, why not start up a ready to wear online store as it’s really profitable. That fateful day, I sat in my living room and it occurred to me I could sell fabrics. I love beautiful fabrics. 

I had few ones I bought for myself. It was about 30pieces I stored in a bag to sew if I see any beautiful style. I told my help to hold it up while I snapped with my iPad.

I opened a Facebook and Instagram page, thought of different names to give my brand and then it occurred to me, I will be selling per yard, I can name my brand Per yard Fabrics. Most fabric vendors sell 5yards but selling per yard will save a lot of women money as some has small stature and buying 5yards will be a waste. That was how I came about the name PERYARD Fabrics. I didn’t go into the business only for the profit but because I have a passion for that line of business.

Peryard fabrics can be reached on 08178757058

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