Sunday, July 21, 2019

Why l Veered Into Real Estate Business - Pretty actress, BIMBO AFOLAYAN

Many were shocked a few weeks back when pretty actress Bimbo Ogunowo-Afolayan officially launched her real estate business called Extreme Properties.

Many didn't know she was into real estate all these while. We can confirm that she has been into real estate for years.

Many only know about her beauty business. That people didn't know about her involvement in real estate was deliberate. She deliberately kept silent about it she explained to City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine.

"Yes many didn't know about it until recently ", she explained. “We build & sell. We sell land. We develop properties. l have been into it for years. My dad has been into real estate for years, for over 15 years and l have learnt a lot from him".
She says I have been into real estate for over 5 years but l was quiet about it. l was doing it underground for the past 5years. But it's time to come out to talk about it.
We have officially launched Extreme Properties.

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