Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Why Many Ladies Are Hooked On Tshakky For Their MakeUp

She is called Tolu, but every one prefers to call her Tshakky, her brand name. She is a Makeover Queen. She is good at what she does for a living.

She does Makeup & Gele. She is also into beauty, cosmetics and personal care.
How did she coin her brand name Tshakky? By being creative. Her full name is Tolulope Sakirat Adebayo.

Tshakky was formed from my name Tolu ....my husband name is Shakiru and am Shakirat .. so our nickname is Shakky.. so the T stands for Tolu and shakky stands for our nicknames.

Many don't know she has been into makeup since 2010 but it became big 5 years ago.

What explains the phenomenal success and growth of her brand we asked her recently.

It's God. The God factor is very key. lt can only be him.

I guess what has also helped is the fact that I do things differently. l show my clients Love, Humility, Commitment, Good Customer services and Hard work.

Truly so. She does most of her jobs herself. She only allows her assistants to do it when she is super busy.

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