Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Why TACHA Is The Most Controversial Housemate In The Current Big Brother Naija Show

Big Brother reality show is known to be a game of money, fame, love, romance and talent discovery and this quest comes with so much drama by different characters in the house. The 2019 edition tagged: Pepper dem, had 21 house mates from different states in Nigeria. They included Avala ,Khafi, Omashola, kimoprah, Jackie, Nelson, Seyi, Esther, Mike,diane, Tasha, frood, Ike, Ella, Isilomo, Tuoyo, Sir Dee, Thelma, Gedoni, Mercy and Jeff. This house mate will have to live together in a secluded building for three months as some of them get evicted in the process till a winner emerges.

The first eviction had Isilomo and Avala out of the game because they had the least number of Bet Naija coins and votes. Kimoprah and Ella got evicted the second week, leaving 17 housemates in the house.The reality show has taken the attention of millions of peoples across the world and has made fans staring at their TV screen. The winner of the Pepper Dem edition will go home with the whooping sum of N60 million and that is no joke, so the contestants came up with different strategies and drama to ensure that they win the prize.

However, one thing that raised alarm was when Mercy and Tasha were introduced by the host. Mercy wore a transparent black dress showing her endowed butt and curves and that spurred audience to shout, which mean she has really come to serve the audience some spicy pepper. Tasha, who described herself as Port-Harcourt first daughter also stormed the stage revealing a large portion of her cleavages and the two ladies made a statement that they are the real Pepper Dem gang to watch out for.

Simply Tasha is currently one of the most popular housemates in the current television reality show. She is an Instagram sensation with over 12000 followers. She is also a social media influencer who has always wanted to be a big brother housemate and she has made her way into the Pepper Dem edition. Prior to the Big Brother show, Tasha is known for flaunting her body on instagram and that has earned her a good number of followers. She came into the limelight after getting a tattoo of Davido’s O.B.O Crest on her cleavage and the stunt got attention of Davido. This young billionaire decided to follow her on Instagram as a reward for her patriotism and she has since then maintained a relationship with the singer’s crew.

At the opening show, she mentioned that other housemates were just escorts in the house and that showed a high level of confidence she has in herself and in her crew. She has been able to bring some pepper into the house, but not as much as expected. She had reasons to argue with other housemates like Thelma and Frood. The reaction of Frood shocked a lot of viewers as he decided to keep quiet when Tasha was busy raining abuses on him. Tasha went as far as saying that it was a golden privilege for Frood to wake up and see her every day. Anyone would have thought that the loss of her mum would weighed her down, but she said she still grieved though, but the loss has taught to be stronger than she was.

Tacha is, indeed, a drama queen and she is familiar with drama and controversy. She has been accused of staging her own kidnap and release to gain the attention and recognition of many. She neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.Talented at strategically making money moves, Tacha always flaunts her sexiness on her tweeter and instagram accounts. She is proud of her body and teases her followers with her boobs at every given opportunity. She has been at the fore front of being comfortable with her body. She has about thirty five strokes of stretch marks on her boobs according to one of her videos on instagram and she readily flaunts them to her followers.The video attracted comments from so many social media influencers, including Jaruma, the highest paid sex therapist in Nigeria.

It has been said that some top celebrities had publicly declared their love and support for Tacha on their different social media platforms. Naira Marley, Bob Risky,Muecha, Buddon, Wofia Fada, Tywse, and Davidos brother Adewale Adeleke are some of the popular stars routing for her.  This popular housemate is familiar with controversy that she might be a re-occurring topic with each of her moves in the big brother Naija house.  Call her a blunt, real, interesting and take-no-mess lady and you won’t go wrong. She has refused any kind of mess thrown at her in the house. She intends to wins the reality show and if she does, she would love to invest it in a new business idea, improve her family’s standard of living and own a Charity Organization. This week, Frodd, Seyi, Mike, Tacha, Tuoyo are up for eviction. Seyi, who won the veto power game of chance decided to nominate himself for eviction instead of any other house mates. Let’s hope that his goodwill fetches him votes to scale through. Let’s also hope that fans and celebrity friends would save him through their votes.

Last week's eviction took Tuoyo out of the big brother house and it also came with the fake eviction of Tasha and Seyi. Tasha and Seyi were evicted to stay in the secret room. The secret room is a secluded apartment in the Big Brother Naija House. The house mate did not know it was a fake eviction, so most of them expressed how they felt about the eviction of Seyi and Tacha. Majority would miss Seyi so much, but also remarked peace would reign since Tacha the trouble maker has been evicted. The return of Tacha and Seyi to the house came with mixed feelings. Prior to the return of Seyi and Tacha, biggie told housemates to prepare because they would be playing host to important guests. So, all hands were on deck as they expected the important guests. The ladies had their make ups and Mercy even had her heels on while the guys dressed nice in expectation of their guests.

The shock came when they saw Seyi and Tacha, some hid their feelings, while others expressed theirs. Since their return, Tacha has been acting all nice and the audiences are still wondering if it is all pretenses. She even had a conversation with Mike and there she talked a lot about people judging her without getting to know her. She even shed some crocodile tears when talking to Mike. Seyi, on the other hand, has been cold since return. We guess the hero stunt turned bad as he now knows what the other housemates really think of him. Controversial Tasha gave compliment about an housemate and he said that was the first time he saw Tasha talking like a normal human being and that God was happy with her and he is happy as well.No one is sure of Tacha's next move in the house and that has kept fans close to their screen.


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