Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Revolution Rock

Now is a good time to come out and share on the idea of revolution. Many of us from our historical studies understand by definition that revolution reflects an upheaval and a strong agitation directed towards change. 
The French revolution, led by Roberspeare various demonstration by the San culottes or the American revolution that resulted in the emancipation of the black man stating that all men were created equal are traceable to some forms of movement. In the same vein, we have the industrial revolution, which was entirely different, as it stimulated an awakening of renovation in techniques culminating into Britain becoming one of the nations to initially breakthrough into industrialisation. 

In essence you find out that rather than the loss of lives many were preserved in greater glory. Why? Simply based on the fact that a select group of the intelligentsia had been working intensively to achieve excellence for the God-given country. So it was not just armament to win wars but ways to combat poverty and ignorance.

Definitely, when we fold our arms we do a great disservice to oncoming generations, ours inclusive. So it's imperative to speak the truth into systems and power when it is required of us. As we speak we must responsibly preserve and uphold lives. The reason being the menace of evoking needless bloodshed must be avoided, making preservation of lives foremost in our psyche and dogma. For this reason, we must adopt effective propaganda with safety as the rearward. These are fundamentals for anyone seeking to represent the masses and fight for them.

The masses, in turn, must look at the antecedents of whom they desire to follow. If he is making sense, or devoid of integrity? In other words avoid a situation of following blindly, as they say when the blind follow the blind, a crash ensues. So you are watching out for consistency, integrity, maturity and sincerity. 

Owing it to yourself to consider if he had ever gone through the whole haul before, you certainly must not follow a novice. A leader who is able to lay his cards and position them with clarity envisaged is a responsible choice. Which brings in the last quality. He must be visionary. 

A reflection of his preparedness by outlining a plan. Words are powerful, it is by words the earth came to the formation , so we must be careful with our application of words. A full comprehension of words with guidance and instructions will suffice. So if you are talking Revolution, for instance, you can the ask , by whom? How? When?

Is there a cause?


University is the starting point and reality is the testing ground. We know how to achieve government for the people. When the polls fail us, we have the courts, when courts appear sluggish we must begin to meticulously propagate our thoughts using the different forms of media. The popular celebrated opinion spread will eventually birth the hunger and thirst for a new Nigeria. 

The people must be ready and the readiness I must say will be demonstrated in the polls. For me on the long run we are still achieving the government we deserve. 

The indifference, the apathetic and lethargic can not even envisage that word revolution. For now , the best you get is a lone voice, or pockets of teeny rampage here and there, the best perhaps like a John the Baptist a pace setter. 

Let us not forget that Jesus remains the sacrifice and as good luck Jonathan rightly said no man's ambition should evoke blood shed. Indeed there is a search for saviours and the whole earth earnestly awaits such who will be sacrificial in their life style, character and possess the right spirit. Till then

Nigeria must wait.

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