Saturday, August 31, 2019

Common Mistakes Ladies Make With Their Skin, Top Beauty Therapist, Tolani Akande Reveals

Tolani Akande is a leading beauty therapist in Lagos. She is very good at what she does for a living. She helps her clients achieve a flawless skin that glows.
Recently Citypeople Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her for the common mistakes ladies make with their skin. She revealed a lot.

1- Direct Sunlight exposure
2- leaving makeup on over night
3- Drinking little or no water
4- Not using SPF
5- touching the face with dirty hands or squeezing black/white heads.....etc

And it is essential to see a professional therapist if you have a problematic skin or you just want to maintain a healthy glow.

She sees exposure of the skin to Sunlight for a long time as a big problem though in this part of our world we can’t avoid direct sunlight but if we can limit it that will be better.

Also not drinking enough water and substituting water with other drink is not good for our skin, she says.

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