Monday, August 26, 2019

Essential Footwears A Lady Must Have

- Black pumps: is a must have for any girl, it can be worn with dresses, jeans, shorts, and practically anything in your wardrobe. A black pump heel can be worn to any kind of occasion “work, party, graduation, church, evening dinner”

-Nude heels: elongate your legs and they blend with anything in your closet.

-Animal print heels: either a snake print or cheetah print have become a perennial classic in fashion, it gives your outfits a powerful look.

-Sexy ankle-strap sandals: it can be paired with your jeans, shorts, midi or mini dress, pencil skirts, they are timeless and they’re infinitely sexy.

-Fancy metallic heels: takes the spotlight and are necessary for special occasions that require to dress to the nines. The great thing about these shoes is that you can also use them to dress up casual pieces like jeans. You can opt for a classic gold or silver hues that are versatile.

-Ankle boots: they are very reliable especially when you want to look edgy and cool. Ankle boots go with just about any outfit, whether it’s a dress or jeans, and this is the reason why must own a pair.

-Flat sandal: you can wear them with jeans, summer dresses. Go with strappy or a thong sandals in a tan, gold or brown.

-Sneakers: are the popular choice for most people, it’s a must have for every lady.

-Ballerina flats: are the most popular choice. They’re comfortable and feminine and it gives you that too -cool-to-dress-up vibe.

-Pointy flats: are just as comfortable as ballets flats, they are more feminine and they give your look more polished and sophisticated feel.

-Wedge sandals: are great with day dresses, short skirts and maxi frocks.

-Oxfords/Brogues: gives your outfit a laid back vibe that is unique and irreplaceable. When worn with feminine pieces, they make you look infinitely chic.

-Open-toe boots: they are the perfect alternative to heeled ankle boots, it can be worn with almost everything.

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