Thursday, August 22, 2019

HAJIA BOLA SHAGAYA's Fashion Style Revealed

Have you ever run into Hajia Bola Shagaya before? If you have you must have noticed her great fashion style. She dresses well. Her Fashion Style is impeccable. She always looks Glamorous and stunning all the time. She is always well attired with all her fashion accessories on point.
You can't fault her sense of style. This is because she just doesn't wear anything. She takes her time to pick her fabrics and dresses to wear. She patronises the best designers in the world. In Nigeria, her outfits are designed and tailored by top notch designers like Deola Sagoe.

As a Muslim woman, she does not wear revealing clothes. She is always appropriately attired. Her fabrics are exquisite and luxurious fabrics which are rare to find. She wears top of the range HOH laces. Remember they don't come cheap.

She travels frequently so she picks up her fabrics from the source. She is deeply religious. She frequents Mecca to pray.

As for her Jewellery, they are strictly Diamonds. She doesn't settle for anything less. She has the best collection of diamond pieces. All the top of the range jewellers knows her both here and abroad.

How about her shoe and bag? They are all top designer labels and brands.
As for her wristwatches, she goes for the top 3 brands.

Of course her Make Up is by Banke Meshida's BMPRO. She spends heavily on her looks. She spoils herself silly at the Spa. She does not joke with pampering herself. She does not miss her massages.

Do you blame her? She works hard. She is a successful and accomplished businesswoman. She is into Oil business. She is into Real Estate. She is into Stocks. She is into banking. She is a high networth investor. She is a big player in many sectors but she is quiet about it.

She does not make noise about her achievements and accomplishments. No.  She prefers being silent. That is Hajia Bola Shagaya for you.

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