Sunday, August 25, 2019


 Have you ever seen HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Babatunde Adewale Ajayi the Akarigbo & paramount ruler of Remoland arrive at an event before?
We can tell you. It is always with a lot of pomp and pageantry. Everything about him oozes class and poise. 

He is a very stylish man. A man of great elan, polish, and comportment. Anywhere you see him you can't miss his great dress sense. He is always on point. From head to toe, everything he wears shows that he is a man of sartorial elegance. 

Today he is one of the best dressed Obas. Just check him out any time you see him and you will see a very colourful personality. He pays attention to details. He wears various stylish caps to complement his outfits.

His Agbadas are richly embellished with lovely designs.
His shoes are specially designed They are mostly handmade with his royal insignia on them.
How about his accessories like long neck chains and wristwatches? They are top-notch designer accessories. 
All hail Kabiyeesi AkarigboKi ade pe lori, ki bata pe lese.

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