Monday, August 26, 2019



 Toyin Olasupo is very passionate about what she does for a living. She is a damn good skincare specialist. She has an impressive profile as a Skin Therapist. She is also a certified skin therapist and beauty consultant

So good is she that her clients call her a skin doctor. She loves to make other ladies look beautiful using 100% organic products. Her job is a simple one as far as she is concerned. She makes other ladies look beautiful and glow excessively. 
What she tells ladies is to come to her to get a skin that freaking glows. Let’s pamper your skin. Everywhere she goes other women stop her to ask her for the secret of her good look. And she tells them. Her usual answer is that the secret of her good look is her half cast set. She has a wide range of good products like her stretchmark cream which works on the skin like magic. 

She also has the Glow Whitening and flawless kits.

Our products are good. Its purely organic products. We have for different skin types. White, fair, dark and chocolate.  We have body cream and soaps for those complexions. Then we have some products for skin treatment, like blemishesdark spots, sunburn, anti-aging, skin discoloration, stretch marks

Our popular products are Ultral white set, Half cast set, Glow whitening set and Afinni whitening black soap

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