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LONDON Big Boy, DAYO OLOMU Reveals His Style Secrets


Dayo Olomu is a big name in London. He is a motivational speaker. He is a Life Coach, a Strategist and Great Thinker.

This handsome PR Consultant who has consulted for several companies around the globe is very stylish in his dressing.

Call him a power dresser and you won't be wrong. He looks dapper all the time. He is a man of sartorial elegance.

A few days back Dayo Olomu today Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine how he started dressing well at a very early age.

How did you cultivate the culture of dressing well?

I cultivated the culture of dressing from my late father.

I saw the impact of it when I was 17 years old in 1982. I wore my only suit, a blazer to the launching of Tera Kota’s debut album Lamentation for Sodom at Lord’s Club. I took a risk of going to the event without being invited because I was hoping to meet all the movers and shakers on the entertainment industry in Nigeria. I and behold because of the way I was dress they did not ask for an invite and I was allowed it. That was how I launch my career in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

You are addressed by the way you dress. Your attire/dress reflects your sense of value and taste. You clothing speaks long before you do.
Who is the real Dayo Olomu? 

Let’s tell you a bit about him.

Dr Dayo Olomu (DDO) who is an example of how anyone can overcome adversity to succeed and thus become an inspiration to others is a renowned international motivational speaker, human capital development expert, learning and development professional, business transformation strategist, corporate trainer, business mentor, executive coach, award winning event host and bestselling author of  “4 Indispensable Strategies for Success”; “My 50 Greatest Lessons in Life & Winning Principles for Success” and the audio programme, “You Got The Power” which was sent to more than 180 countries by Success University (now known as World Ventures)  in September 2008.

He is the Chairman, CIPD South London; Board Member, Southwark Diocesan Board of Education and Founder, Dayo Olomu Foundation UK.

With a background spanning over 20 years in human resources, coaching, learning and development, business transformation, further education, community development,, media and public relation, publishing and entertainment, he comes with extensive experience and expertise which include excellent negotiation, stakeholder management, commercial acumen, strategic planning, project management and event management skills.  He is well experienced in information technology, business transformation, coaching, mentoring, recruitment and selection, employee relations and employment law.

He is highly sought after for being uniquely engaging and profoundly outstanding. He is articulate and irrepressible, addressing and training thousands of people each year on personal and professional development, achieving peak performance, wealth creation, success, inspiration, networking, mentoring, management, relationships, personal success, customer service and goal setting. His audience also benefits from his lectures on leadership, good governance, business growth, relationship building, innovation, strategic positioning, decision-making, workflow management and many other diverse topics.

Renowned for his passion, high-energy and inspirational presentation, his compelling style is a unique fusion of Nigerian and British culture, which gives his presentations a distinctive, oratorical edge and enables him to get his powerful messages across to audiences with warmth, passion, energy and substance.

He travels all over Europe, North America, Africa and the United Arab Emirates impacting positively professionals and businesses and encouraging them to achieve extraordinary results, increase performance and profit exponentially.

An abiding passion for making a positive difference in the world; nurturing people, empowering women and youths, supporting entrepreneurs to succeed, transforming businesses, helping leaders to move from being transactional to transformational and assisting clients to achieve extraordinary result gets him out of bed every morning.

He is also passionate about helping Christians excel and become influential in the market place and politics to advance kingdom values. Olomu, who went on holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2000 says, “God is my business partner while faith and work defined every aspect of my life, career and business”.

His experience of interacting with people for over two decades has led him to discovering that if we help people to see themselves as they can be, not as they are; then the way they think, the way they feel and the way they act will eventually be altered, thereby resulting in achieving optimum  performance.

Olomu who has won more than 150 awards in 20 categories including leadership, lifetime achievement and legend awards in the last 25 years was inducted into the Diaspora Hall of Fame as one of the 100 Most Influential Nigerian Diaspora Globally in 2018. In 2019 alone, he has won three awards.

He holds an honours degree in Business Information Systems, MSc in Human Resources and an honorary doctorate. He has a Diploma in Coaching, an Advance Certificate in Public Relations and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Further Education. He is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and a Fellow of the Institute of Information Management Africa (IIM).

In the past he has volunteered as a career development coach with Shaw Trust where he provided coaching on interview skills, goal setting, self-development, confidence and motivation building to those seeking employment. He was also Business Mentor with Start up Loan, where he mentored those who are starting out in business.

Beyond the unique and richly rewarding professional experiences he's enjoyed, his  incredibly supportive wife, Goddess and his children keep him focused on what's truly important - faith, family, fitness, friendship  and fulfilling his purpose in life which is to inspire, influence and impact.

In a former life, he was a record company executive, music promoter, artiste manager, entertainment icon, journalist and the publisher of a music and movie magazine.

A long suffering Arsenal fan, his varied outside interests apart from work, include running the marathon, fire walking, board-breaking, bar-bending, mountain climbing and skydiving which he does to raise money for charities in Africa and United Kingdom.  His long term goal is space travel - nothing will compare to seeing the earth from space.

 He is presently working on his new book which will be out next year

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