Saturday, August 24, 2019

Meet The Lady Many Brides Go To For Coral Beads

Have you ever spotted some unique Coral beads on the neck of some brides and celebrity women lately? It will interest you to know that there is a young woman who many brides and celebrities rush to in Lagos to buy expensive but original beads. The pretty big babe, Eduvie from Itsekiri runs the popular coral store in Lagos, the Coral Factory. She has been dubbed the Queen of Corals many times over. Not only because she took over from her mum, Victoria Jakpa but because she has also mastered the art of beading corals together. 

She is one of the most sought after original coral sellers in Lagos and not only that, she comes from Itsekiri in Benin and corals are one of their most priceless timepiece of all times when it comes to their culture. Coral and not just coral but its original is very expensive even as tiny as it can be. She has many topshots who patronize her. She rebranded her business by adding different types of jewellery from wrist and ankle bracalets, plant designs, animal designs, coral studs and sometimes they come in appliques fixed into clothes, shoes, bags and Tiara.

Unlike most other gemstones which are of mineral origin, Coral is organic, formed by living organisms mostly found in marines. This Red Coral, or Precious Coral as it is often known by, is the most used gemstone form of Coral but she also stocks the rare corals as well like white, pink and the likes. Like what she is known for, they are your one stop shop for unique custom made original Coral jewelry who take great pride in their work and use the best products available.

Eduvieis a product of the grandmother of corals, Madam Victoria Jakpa from Itsekiri, Delta state. She has many siblings and her grandmother, Madam Oghi is also one of the very prominent Itsekiri women who deal big time in coral. In their days, they were always very stylish and always on their 2 wrappers as one who love to match outfits together. 

Her mum, Victoria started doing international trade in 1972 and since then she has been travelling to Taiwan which is the biggest country you can find rich corals and she travels to Lagos-London-Hongkong- Taipei for 18 hours just to buy coral.she did well in selling the corals as one of the business merchants in Balogun markets. Eduvies creates almost 80 percent of her designs by hand. She mixes her designs with different types and style of other pieces in different shapes as well, Some come in 18k white gold clasps. Some are mixed with Onyx, some are fresh water pearls, tiger eye necklace, pink coral with peridots. Antique Style Coral, Cameo, 

Branch coral, Akoya Pearl, Tourmalines, Diamonds, Rough and Mushi Corals, Coral flowers, Rice Pearl, Malakite necklace, Baroque and all the likes. She has dressed many brides, monarch wives like Ooni of Ife wife, Queen Naomi Ogunwusi, Oba Saheed Elegushi wife, Queen Aramide Elegushi, former PDP Deputy Governor candidate, Mrs. Yemisi Busari and many others. Coral Beads are ladies best friends and they are very priceless. No wonder, Eduvies does not joke with her custom designs as she travels to Taiwan, Asian to stock expensive and unique pieces. How did she start the business taking over from her mum 12 years ago? She explains.

“In 2007, I quit my bank job because I had seen my mother go into thinking mode as she thought no one will take over the business. So I quit my job and started going to the shop. I did not know how to drive. I had learned for many years. I had always sold bags, clothes, shoes and accessories from my holiday pocket money so I will say I had small buying and selling experience. 

I was selling my wares then and beads was once in a while when a customer came for me to design.I made more money and contact from selling my wares and would travel and restock. Mama would just be looking. After all, to me I was going to store. I could pay one staff and buy fuel in the car. I think she paid her driver so he would just carry me to work. 

Then I asked myself one day, what exactly do you want to do with your life? You want to own a boutique, be a fashion/jewelry designer or? So, I decided to look for a school in Italy, Polimoda to learn fashion and styling that while at it, I will learn goldsmithing in an evening school. I had saved just enough. I paid my fees and went to apply for a visa. It took forever and I was denied the Visa after waiting for months. I asked for a refund which I got back but I was broken. I always wanted to go to Polimoda. 

It was my dream school, I cried everyday. Then I realized that if I had left then nothing was going to wait for me. Customers would have moved on and probably the store too. Then I would have to start the process all over again. My bank then made me lose a lot of money from the refund but that was when I told myself that you cannot afford to fail and you will have to start all over again and this time you will give it your best shot….”

Eduvie is currently enjoying huge patronage and she has many collections from her brand, from Rustic Ramah Collection, Segi Collection, Eyitemi Coral Branch, Eru Set To Temilade Set,Temitu Okpe Set and Yenie Bracelets.

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