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If you call her a super model, you won’t be wrong. This is because she doesn’t look anything like a mother of 6 grown-up kids, with her first child already close to hitting her the thirties. She also doesn’t look like the regular wife of a politician. 

Mrs. Bukola Faleke is the gorgeous and adorable wife of Lagos APC House of Reps member, Honourable James Abiodun Faleke who represents Ikeja Federal Constituency. This pretty woman met her husband some twenty-nine years ago and they have remained inseparable ever since, bringing forth 6 wonderful children in their marriage of twenty-five years.

Many don’t know she was once a model, a pastime she practiced for close to ten years, modeling for a great name like the legendary designer, Frank Oshodi. Presently, she’s a businesswoman but she’s also very involved with her husband’s political activities, especially during campaign periods when she needs to step out with him as his wife and reach out to the women and galvanize them to rally round her husband and support him. A few weeks ago, City People’s Senior Editor, WALE LAWAL spoke to this warm, beautiful and down-to-earth woman about her Style & Beauty and humble beginnings for about an hour. Below are excerpts.

You look so young and beautiful, madam, you could very easily have passed for a new bride. How long have you been married to Honourable Faleke?

I have been blessed and happily married to my darling husband for twenty-five years now.

How old is your first child?
She’s twenty-seven years old. But my husband and I have been together for twenty-nine years.

And altogether you’ve got how many kids?
To the glory of God, we’ve got six, four girls and two boys.

So, how come you’re still looking this young and gorgeous, like you just got married only a couple of years ago?
I thank God for the peace, joy, happiness and most of all, love.

Tell us a bit about your background. Tell us the family you were born into, where you were born and raised.
Like I said, my name is Bukola Faleke, but born into the family of Shofolahan. My dad and mum are late. I come from a family of six as well, four boys and two girls just like mine and I’m the baby of the house, the last child of the family.

My dad is from Abeokuta and my mum is from Ijebu. I was born in Lagos and had my primary school in Lagos State and in between, I was taken to Abeokuta where I finished my primary education and proceeded to Abeokuta Grammar school for my secondary education and returned to Lagos state for my A levels at Methodist Girls High School. Afterwards, I got admission into Yaba College Technology where I studied Business Administration for my OND and HND.

You’re a very fashionable woman, you know exactly what to wear, you know exactly what looks good on you. How did this part of you evolve? You can also let us in on your favourite designers as well.

When I was in school, I was actually a model for about eight to ten years. Growing up, I would say I was quite fashionable and it’s still in me. Actually, I got inspired by Frank Oshodi, he used to be one of our trainers when I was modeling and he is the one who makes all my clothes.

He’s been my designer right from my growing up years and he still does. Actually, what I’m even wearing right now Frank made it. Anytime, I step out and I look into the mirror, I like what I see but I always tell myself, Bukola, remember who you are and the family you are from.

I give God the glory because sometimes when I go out and I tell people my age, they’ll be like are you sure you’re up to that? I try as much as possible to always look good at every point in time. And I also give a big kudos to my husband because if he doesn’t give me that peace of mind of mind, this would not have been possible.

Would you say you’re a jewelry person, or a shoe or bag person?     

In as much as I like to look good, I don’t joke with my bags. My shoes, yes. I mean, I like to make statements but I’m a simpler person now when it comes to fashion. Initially, I used to be heavy on fashion, but one is growing older now, so I’m a lot calmer than I used to be with fashion. But still, I don’t joke with my bags. Same with my shoes.

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