Saturday, August 17, 2019

What The Female Age Grade Group (Regberegbe) Members Wore @ 2019 Ojude Oba Festival In Ijebu-Ode

At the last Ojude Oba Festival held in Ijebu-Ode all the Age grade female groups stepped up their fashion style.

About 20 of them chose lovely colours and fabrics. They also chose similar shoe and bag of the same colour to match

Of course they tried to look their best. They looked gorgeous and Glamorous in their various outfits.

Just check out these photos below of the various female age grade groups called Regberegbe

Egbe Arobayo Lawy Rontex

Bobagunte Obinrin Omo Oba

Tobalase Obinrin

Tobalase Obinrin Rontex

Tobalase Obinrin Obalofin

Obagbuyi Obinrin

Obafuwaji Obinrin The Great

Obafuwaji Obinrin Adedoyin

Jagunmolu Obinrin Stainless

Jagunmolu Obinrin Original

Gbobaniyi Obinrin Oloori Olori

Gbobaniyi Obinrin Asiwaju

Egbe Oloja

Bobamayegun Obinrin

Bobamayegun Obinrin Asiwaju

Bobakeye Obinrin Surakat

Bobakeye Obinrin Double T.

Bobajolu Obinrin Basiri

Bobagunte Olu Iwa Obinrin

Arobayo Obinrin

Bobagbimo Obinrin

Bobagunte Obinrin Gold

Bobajolu Obinrin Basiri

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