Friday, August 23, 2019


  Oyinda Okunfolami is one of the best and hottest Make-up artists in the industry right now.
Her job is a simple one. It is to help unleash the hidden beauty in you. She always helps other ladies transform & enhance their looks. And she does a great job of this. That is why many ladies rush to her for their Makeup needs.
What services does she offer her clients at Unleash Beauty Studio?

A lot, she says. She is into Makeup & Organic skincare. "We do home services & attend to walk-in clients."

Why did she call her brand Unleash Beauty Studio?
"It's because we unleash the hidden beauty in you. It is because it reflects what we do. We reveal someone's beauty that they don't even realise they have. We unleash it for them and they see a new look that has been hidden in them and they always say wow. Thanks for this look.
That is how I came up with my brand name.

What made her go into Makeup business?
Passion, she says. Oyinda says Make-up is something l have passion for. I love unleashing the hidden beauty in our ladies. That excites me.

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