Thursday, August 22, 2019



Lekan Balogun is the popular Lagos Fashion Designer behind McCoy Clothing brand in Lagos.

We are a bespoke fashion designer. We offer bespoke and ready to wear for men.

McCoy Clothing turned 19 a few days back. It will be 20 next year August.

The big news is that the company has launched a female clothing line.

Before now he was doing 80% male & 20% female. Now the story has changed. Why did he introduce a female clothing line?

"I had to do that to satisfy the wives of my clients. Before now most of my customers’ wives were really disturbing me to make clothes for them.

"Each time I tell them I don't do outfits for ladies they feel bad. You can always see disappointments on their faces.

Now, we are good to go. We are ready to go into it. I want to make the females happy too.

Check out our new trendy designs.

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