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5 Ways Every Lady Can Get A Flawless Skin - LAGOS Skin Therapist, JADESH

One of the best skin therapist that is currently making waves in the skincare industry is Jadesola Abiodun Odunmosu popularly called Jadesh. She is popularly known as Jadesh Skincare. She started her skincare line, over a year ago and she has already proven to be one of the best. Beautiful and flawless Jadesola is a perfect example of what she does. Whenever you see her, you can’t help but admire her beautiful, spotless and glowing skin. Not only is Jadesh beautiful, she is also blessed with a perfect body figure. 

Jadesh makes people turn 360 whenever she storms an event due to her flawless skin and she has made it her job to make other women look good. She helps people to achieve their desire skin colour without any blemish. Her products are 100% organic and they work effectively. It is also important to note that, Jadesh Skincare also sells product for caramel skin and dark skin people, Babies and Teens are also not left out because they have every product that suit different skin types.

Last week, she spoke with City People Society Reporter, TOYIN OGUNDIYA about how she started Jadesh skincare, how a lady can achieve a healthy skin and how to treat different skin problems. Enjoy excerpts of the interview.

How did Jadesh Skincare came into being?

I started like a year ago, the name Jadesh was formed from my name Jadesola Odumosun. Jadesh is a short form of Jadesola.

Of all business, why did you choose skincare?

I chose skincare because it is something I have always had passion for and I have a good skin. Aside from having good skin, I have always loved to take care of people’s skin. And Jadesh skincare is not only about fair people, we do from baby to adult, we have products for white tone, caramel and also, dark skin people are not left out.

What should a lady do to have a flawless skin?

They should treat there skin with good products. Use a product that is natural and 100% Organic, you will definitely have a beautiful skin.

What are those things that causes harm to the body?

Chemical products is very harmful to the son. Everybody should stay away from Chemical cream.

How do we know which one is a Chemical cream and which is 100% organic?

When you smell a cream that has Chemical, it is very harsh and again when you leave the cream for like 2 weeks or more, you will notice that the colour is changing. If you want to know a cream that doesn’t have Chemical, when you leave the cream for months even a year, the colour won’t change. For instance, when you get a white cream and you noticed the colour of the cream is changing to brown. Then there is chemical in it.

Considering the fact that the Skincare business is highly competitive and you have been able to make yourself relevant. How did you do it?

Its God ooo, I give it all to God.

After God?

I give it to the fact that my products are good and it works effective. If a product is good, that is when you see people coming back and you get referrals.
What stands your brand out?

Aside from the fact that my product is not too expensive. It is very affordable. My product is very good and it works well.

Like I said earlier, we also have products for dark skin, out products for dark skin people is very good.

We also have products for babies to teen, it makes their skin glow.
I give both fair and dark babies the same cream because it is 100% organic, it doesn’t tone or bleach their skin.

Judging from your skin, a lot of people might be thinking you cream is very expensive. What does it take to patronize Jadesh Skincare?

We have extra white tone set, Indian glow which is our best seller, we have half cast set, yellow tone, caramel set and we also have the dark skin set and we also sell to just the cream for people who do not want to buy the set, all our products are not cheap but they are very affordable.

Why should people patronize Jadesh Skincare?

People should patronize me because my cream is very good, it doesn’t give stretch mark, green veins, patches, it works very well. It is very good on all skin types.

As a skin therapist, what would you advise ladies that have problems with their skin, how should they go about it?

Well, if they are ready to listen to advice. The first they should do is to repair their skin, you see some people who already have so much problem with these skin but they still want to be white. It shouldn’t be so, the first thing they need to do is to repair their skin. And the truth is, after the repair they will still not get that white skin. They will only go back to their real colour.

How do they repair?

We have a body repair products. To people that have problems with their skin, all I will tell them is to repair. They should repair before using anything else.

What would you advice ladies that want to become white in just 3 days of using a product?

Well, I don’t have that magic. You can’t get that from Jadesh, we don’t have anything that will make you white in 3days.I won’t tell anybody that I have something that will make them white in 3days. I can only tell them to be patient, everything is a gradual process.

Why do you think most ladies have dark knuckles?

Most ladies have dark knuckles due to bad creams, there are lot of ladies do not have bad knuckles but when they fall victims of bad products it gives them dark knuckles, and to God be the Glory, no client has ever complained that Jadesh skincare product gave them dark knuckles. We also have products that clears knuckles, anybody that is struggling with dark knuckles can use our knuckles set. Our knuckle set doesn’t peel, it fades off with time. All you need to do is to be consistent with it and be patient. It won’t disappear overnight. But it is very effective.

You don’t have dark Knuckles, how did you achieve that?

Well, I don’t do anything Special; I only use all my products. Some will say, when you finish creaming your body, you wash your hand. That is not the case with Jadish skincare products. When I finish cream my body, I don’t wash my hands because I am using a good product. I use all my products because they are all good products.

One thing we should also understand is that, what works for somebody might not work for you. We all have different skin types. All we need to do is to stay committed to any good product we are using. We don’t need to jump from one product to the other. We should be patient, anything that Whitten you skin in 3days is not good for you.

Trying different products on the skin destroys the skin, as a skin therapist, I try new products on my skin to see how it works but I still go back to what I am use to.

And there are some people that their skins don’t like doing different products. So it is very good to know what kind of skin you have.

We have heard cases whereby you use good product but it still doesn’t work on your skin. Why is that so?

When you use good product and you notice it’s not working on your skin, then you need to exfoliate. Some people have stubborn skin, so they have to exfoliate all the time. At least 3 times in a week. We also have people that have sensitive skins, cream works on their body like magic even without exfoliating.

Stretch marks is one of the major skin problems many ladies are facing, how can they reduce it?

Some have stretch marks naturally while some have it due to bad products. Some people will use this same products and still not have stretch mark, this is because they don’t have the same skin type. We have a stretch mark cream that works effectively you start using it but it will fade off gradually.

You are in a business where the competition is high. Definitely, you have to keep upgrading to meet up with peoples need. Do you go through extra training to achieve that?

We keep learning everyday. Nobody knows it all. And for Jadesh skincare, I upgrade my products all the time. I still go through training because I want to know more. When I upgrade my product, it’s still the same product, just little changes to make it better than the way it use to be.

Give us 5 tips to achieve a healthy and flawless skin?

Exfoliation is very important, Drink plenty water, you should also use Vitamin C, Vitamin C is very good for the skin, you don’t have to use your cream everyday. Sometimes you should use glowing oil because the skin needs to breath, just give it a break, you can as well use Sheabutter in place of the glowing oil, it is very good for the skin.

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