Monday, September 2, 2019


 Omolola Faleye is in a happy mood right now. It's her birthday. She's 40 and she's celebrating it. A lot of her friends and colleagues have been rejoicing with her.

She has built large followership in the Makeup industry over the years. Omolola’s name is big in the beauty industry.

She started her make-up career in the Beauty industry just like anyone else but has carved a niche for herself in the industry.
For very many years now she has been providing a unique platform for all makeup and beauty practitioners to showcase their brands and products.
She organises the annual makeup fair series and she has been doing this now for years.
Last June she hosted the 50th edition of her make-up series.
Below is her recent interview with City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine

Congratulations on the 50th edition of your Makeup fair. How have you been able to sustain it?

Thank you City People we appreciate your support over the years we are indeed grateful. Consistency From the beginning was my watchword and I thank God for the grace and strength to have stayed consistent over the years. We put in the hard work and it's paying off.

How did it all start?
I identified a gap in the non-existence of beauty trade shows in 2012 and took a leap to fill that gap while resident in Abuja and here we are 49 successful events later hosted in 12 cities (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri, Enugu, Imo, Calabar, Uyo, Ibadan, Kaduna, and Kano)

 Each time you look back at what you have been able to do how do you feel?

I feel blessed that I identified one of my purposes early and started the journey, I am glad I didn't give up when it was toughest in the beginning, when I was told to give up and 7years later I can stay the makeup fair series as a beauty trade platform has benefited and empowered a lot of beauty businesses and entrepreneurs

How did you get into Makeup? Tell us your story

I stumbled into the makeup industry actually I was helping a friend and colleague hold on to a business she started while she travelled abroad and along the line fell in love with it and that’s how I became a beauty rep for a makeup brand and here we are today.

How have you also seen the growth of the Makeup and beauty industry with many young ladies going into it?

The industry is growing at a fast lane compared to years ago and there is now a lot of exposure as we see a lot of Nigerian brands launching out and empowering young ladies giving them opportunities to learn a skill and start up their beauty businesses.
What kind of a person is Omolola
I call myself an extroverted introvert, creative, hardworking, down to earth and persistent

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