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She is one of the best broadcasters Nigeria has produced. She is good at what she does. Not only that. Funke Treasure Durodola is a bundle of talents. She has a likeable personality. She bubbles all the time and she is full of life.

You can't encounter her for the first time and not like her. She is simply adorable and sweet. Of course her lovely voice makes many to want to hear her speak again and again and again.

Until she left active service a few days ago she was the GM Radio One 103.5 FM, a part of the FRCN family. She has been part of FRCN for decades.

The big news is that Funke Treasure Durodola has floated her own initiative. She now runs illuminate Nigeria Development Network Ltd/GTE.

She is now into training, consultancy, personalised Sports. She is also the Founder/Initiator of F3TC which is Funke Treasure Table Tennis championship.

She retired voluntarily on June 11 and gave the mandatory 3-months’ notice which lapsed on 10th September 2019.

We almost forgot to tell you about my fashion style and natural beauty which also endears many to her.

What informs her fashion style we asked her a few days ago.

My style? It's all about confidence, carriage, and simple timeless apparels. The first thing I wear is confidence. I wear it all the time. The next thing about me carriage. It’s integral to my style. I carry myself like a queen, with dignity and pride. Then I choose simple classic pieces that complement my body shape and features. My makeup is never loud so they don't distract and detract from my rich persona.

Anike ade Funke-Treasure is the first female journalist to manage an all-news radio station in the Radio Nigeria Network and indeed the Nigerian broadcast industry. She received training from Thomson Foundation, UK where she obtained a certificate in International Broadcast Journalism.

A certified media trainer, she has worked with the United Nations IRIN Radio as a Country Producer-Trainer and WANAD/ALCO as Country Focal Point on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Project on HIV/AIDS.  She worked with UNICEF and a child based NGO as producer/trainer to train 30 street children in telling their stories in a series about life on the streets.                     

As General Manager, Radio One, 103.5 FM, she has been hailed for creating a distinct identity for the station which she transformed from a general interest into an all-news format in six months.

She runs the Media Mentoring Initiative (MMi) to empower aspiring and young professionals with broadcast skills.  She is the founder of sports development initiative for the girl child, the Funke Treasure Table Tennis Championship (F3TC).

Funke -Treasure is the author of Memories of Grandma; The Clergy; and the Spoken Word Industry, a series on Pronunciation for non-native speakers of the English Language.

Anike-ade Funke Treasure is  a recipient of professional media fellowships and awards within Nigeria and beyond including the Nigerian Media Merit Award’s Radio Production of the Year 2008 and Finalist, Henry J Kaiser HIV Journalism Category, CNN African Journalist of the Year Award 2007. She has a Masters in Journalism & Media Studies from Rhodes University, South Africa.

I run Illuminate Nigeria Development Network Ltd/GTE. We do TrainingConsultancy, Personal Development, Sports. I Illuminate Nigeria for short.

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