Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Damilola Otubanjo is one of the most brilliant fashion designers in the country today. She is good at what she does for a living.

She is the CEO & Creative Director of Milolars Signature, a contemporary clothing line that caters to exclusive ready to wear outfits for luxury occasions & event Apparels for women of class.

She is very creative and talented. She designs exquisite outfits that sit well on her clients.

She is the first Sisi Oge of Lagos. She has always liked Fashion and Beauty related issues.

I'm into premium ready to wear. I offer an Experience beyond apparels.

Damilola Otubanjo is the Creative Director for MILOLAR. A Contemporary Clothing line that caters to Exclusive Ready to Wear Outfits and Luxury Occasion and Event Apparels for Women of Class.

She started the Brand almost 3years ago after resigning from service with the Lagos State Government. She worked with the State Government for 5 years and served assiduously in the Lagos State Electricity Board as the Head of the Department in charge of the Solar Department, where she oversaw the operation and maintenance of the solar system installations in the State School and the Primary Healthcare Centres.

She had before then worked in the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources in the Department of Power and had during the deployment initiated and started a Research & Development Unit in the Ministry. She worked in the Ministry for 3 years before her deployment to the Board.

She's the founder of the PinkDove Charitable Initiative. A registered Non-governmental Organisation established in 2008 to cater and foster growth & development amongst young people. 

The organization has since inception trained significant young people in Secondary Schools on Adolescent Reproductive Sex, HIV& AIDS Prevention & Care. Other training was also instituted for young female undergraduates in Tertiary Institutions to address issues that are pertinent to their welfare. Gender & Domestic Violence, Rape, Roles of Women in Nation Building and other salient discussions were part of the discussions during the Feminine Summits held in the tertiary institutions across the country.

Damilola is also the MD/CEO of Giant Pillars Limited. A company registered in 2007 with 3 core business subsidiaries in Printing, Procurement, and Planning of Corporate Events.

She's the first Sisi Oge of Lagos. A Cultural Beauty Pageant organized by Heritage now Culturati. She was crown in November 2007 and reign through November 2018. It was shortly after her reign she established the NGO to offer a safe haven for the future of Africa's generation.

She's has a 1st Degree in Physics with Electronics and a 2nd Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from the Kingston University, London.

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