Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How Lagos Celebrity Lady Foluke Aibinuomo llori Dazzes @parties

Talk of one Lagos Celebrity lady who likes to dress well to parties and her name will pop up instantly.

This is because Chief Mrs. Foluke Aibinuomo llori always looks stunning and dazzling at parties. She is forever looking glamorous and gorgeous in her outfits.
She also has this hearty smile she flashes at you all the time. It's a permanent Pepsodent smile.

How does she manage to look good all the time? What's the secret?’ we once asked her.

My style is simple but classy with a mix of elegance and extravagance. And I try my best to always wear who I am.

Looking good is my way of life. I believe in dressing my best when going to any occasion. I actually imbibed this culture from my Mum who is of the notion that a woman should look her best irrespective of where she’s going.

I love making a statement with my dressing.

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