Friday, September 27, 2019


 She is one of the most hardworking movie practitioners in Nigeria today. She acts. She produces. And she has consistently remained relevant in the scheme of things in the movie industry over the last 20 years.

How does her success story make her feel? Firstly I give glory to God because He got me where I am today.  Secondly I feel great and happy to be a role model to others. What kind of person is she? I am an easy going person, respectful and honest. I love to raise others in a great way. 

For how long has she been acting and producing movies? I have been acting and producing for over 20 years. My first production was in 1994 titled Gbakangbi and have produced many others after then till now which include Omoge Onidan, Omo Inu Oka, Baba Modupe, Iyawo Meji, Erujeje, Okomi ni, Orule, Ogbe, Iya Eko, Mama Londoner, Ajoji, Ebimini, Fokosale, Ifemide  etc just to mention a few

What should we expect from her before the year runs out? I have been working on quite a lot of movie but currently before the year runs out, some of my movie will be out titled Eri Okanmi and Sugbon AiyeOlomi and Ayo Ifemi. It’s a great project. Educating and entertaining.
What is her past like? Where was she born? Where did she grow up? I was born in Lagos, grown up in Lagos and have been based there

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