Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Being comfortable is crucial. Dressing chic and stylish every day is a skill which can be difficult to master. A great pair of jeans is an ideal blend of comfort and sexiness, anchoring an outfit so you feel confident.

Use of jewelry: jewelry works well, pair your jeans with some sparkly chandelier or dangling earrings or wear some bracelets with flashy rhinestones. A dramatic neck piece with bright stones can spice it up.

Show some skin: pair your jeans with a sequin sleeveless top, a pair of black or blue jeans with a strappy heels, a sling bag with a toned down color, a small pearl earring, bracelet and wristwatch . You can also wear an off -the shoulder top or a cold shoulder, a lace or chiffon camisole, satin corset style top or silk halter top is an ideal option when you want to take your look up a notch for a night outing.

Edgy look: when the weather is cool and you don’t want the weather to impede your style or outing, you can wear a blazer or a leather jacket over your underwear “a camisole, t-shirt or a tank top “. A tailored blazer either a bright or a subtle color like, navy blue, mustard yellow, wine or red blends well with jeans and a sequin top or camisole. You can also try a motorcycle style or studded leather jacket.

Go for the right shoes : the right shoes can make all the difference and also you should have it in mind that when choosing your shoes pair it either with a strappy or slightly pointed heels and do away with flats, tennis, or moccasins. If you are not comfortable in thin heels, try a pair of interesting block heels and not the boring block heels, a pair of open toe or closed toe mules” heels either block or pencil”.

Spice up with black: you can never go wrong in all black, ditch the flat shoes so you won’t look casual. A black button down shirt with a pair of black ripped or unripped jeans, an open toe heels, a clutch purse or a sling bag “bright colors that blends with the all black outfit”. A black V- neck camisole, a black blazer and a black pair of jean, a stud but a bling earring , a clutch purse, mules or strappy tiny heels and you should make sure your hair is static to one side either an updo or a short pixie weave or a long laid-back packed hair.

Date night outfit tips
- plan your date night outfit based on the activity involved and its location.

- choose sophisticated and structured styles for formal dates and relaxed silhouettes for more casual occasions.

-Be sure that you are comfortable in what you wear and able to walk in your heels or you will appear awkward.

-  Express your personality through the details of your clothes, be it ladylike lace or rocker studs.

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