Monday, September 9, 2019


When you dress good you feel powerful and feel more confident about yourself. This is the notion that you wear can drastically alter your self-image and your mood. It’s much easier to carve out a path of success in a game-changing style that shows you are ready to conquer the world.

Have a signature looks that comes in the form of spontaneous and daring pieces. A signature look might come in the form of an “outfit formula” which can be more convenient when you are stressed and pressed for time. A signature look makes you look elevated, distinct and powerful.

Always be well-groomed, the smallest details from nice hair to healthy skins show about how you are presented and sends a message of serious business. It’s good to create efficient grooming habits that can elevate your appearance. Let your personality shine through because empowerment is all about confidence and attitude. Fashion is just an accessory to enhance and reflect that you should have a strong and powerful personal aesthetic. Let your personality shine through by mixing bold, unexpected pieces together and clashing colors.

Emphasize quality over quantity: a high-quality item can easily pull you together and make you feel like a million bucks and quality doesn’t correlate to “designer”. It’s crucial to pay attention to the fit/ tailoring, stitching, and material.

- Tailored blazer: it’s a wardrobe staple every woman should have and one that makes you feel like a boss the moment you put it on. If you are feeling bold, spring for a bright primary color like red.

- A lace dress: wearing lace can be a true power move and while lace dresses typically get street cred for airing on the romantic side, wearing one in a bold color.

- A monochrome set: there’s something undeniably cool about suiting up in one color from head to toe.

-A little black dress is one item of clothing every woman must-have. A little black dress is a wardrobe staple that makes you feel bold and confident with minimal effort. Little black dress is easy to dress up or down.

-Animal print: makes you look fierce, it makes you look bold when paired with the perfect accessories.

-Color blocks: pairing bright unexpected colors together in the same outfit. Merge the usual dress with other usual primary colors e.g. blue and red, pink and red, green and orange, yellow and blue.

-Jumpsuits: is an effortless way to immediately lookout together without the fuss of having to plan an entire outfit in advance.

-Plaid pant: is one pattern that will never go out of style. You can opt for it in your desired color “mustard yellow, wine, black or navy blue”.

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