Monday, September 9, 2019


Honeypot always looks stunning all the time. She is one of the pretty presenters at TVC. Her professional name is Honeypot, but her real name is Olayemi Ogunwole.
She is one TV diva a lot of people like to see each day she appears on TVC to present her entertainment programme along with her co-presenters.

This is because of her sexy look. There is no way Honeypot will step into an event and all heads will not instantly turn in her direction.

She is usually Gorgeously and Glamorously attired. She has a great figure and she knows it. So she likes to wear exquisite red carpet dresses that flatter her lovely shape.

What informs what she wears to parties and events? What informs the kind of outfits she wears for her TV programme?

She told Citypeople online Fashion and beauty Magazine, “My style is diverse. Chic, artsy, sexy, sassy and sophisticated. My mood plays a big role in what I wear
My closet has different clothes, from dresses to jeans to skirts, shorts ...”

She's right. Her dressing changes from time to time. But give it to her. She is a hot dresser. You can't just ignore her.

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