Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Princess Abah Folawiyo Is A Big Name In The Fashion Industry.

She is the doyen of the industry. She is the matriarch of the industry. She has been there for decades. She has built a formidable brand in the Fashion industry. She owns the Labanella label.

The big news is that at 77 Sisi Abah as many call her is still very stylish in her dressing and fashion too.

She is still as gorgeous and Glamorous in her outfits as she has always been.

At 77, Sisi Abah still slays. These days she wears more of kaftans and boubous. She goes for comfort and elegance.

She has maintained her slim figure that makes her outfits to sit well on her delicate and trim body.

At 77 she has managed to continue to look stunning all the time.
And she  carries herself well with a lot of Grace and Poise.

Give it to her Princess Hajia Folawiyo is the ultimate Queen of Style.

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