Monday, September 9, 2019


Chief Mrs lyabo Martins Kuye is the beautiful wife of former Minister, Chief Jubril Martins Kuye.

For years, she has maintained her unique style and natural look which has won her great admiration from her friends and admirers.
She is one of the few celebrities women who have maintained their natural skin colour and beauty.

That is why many young celebrity women see her as a role model. She is a woman of great style. She's very respectable. She's got poise and elegance.

She looks dignified all the time. She dresses appropriately. She is very fashionable and likes for comfort to play a big role in her dressing.

She is 74 but she does not look that far gone in age. This is because she has kept her sweet 16 look aglow over the years.

She has been a homemaker since 1999. She has been a businesswoman selling lace materials after she left her secretarial job.

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