Friday, September 27, 2019


 Have you noticed that Real Estate guru, Kennedy  Okonkwo is a very stylish guy? He is. Whether he is in formal wears or casuals he looks good all the time. He likes smart casuals. Because of his job demand he is always smartly dressed. But even at that you can't miss the touch of class in his dressing.

He has a good physique. He is tall and blessed with a macho look.He does not joke with his regular exercise. He has to be fit because of his job. It is tedious.He has to keep moving round all his sites.

Kennedy is the Founder/Group CEO of Nedcomoaks Group. He is also the Chairman of Victoria Crest Homes. He has built so many housing units around the Lekki/Chevron area in Lagos. He has a long-term reputation for building luxurious apartments at affordable prices via flexible payment structure.

According to him, from inception we made it a policy and priority to build the best properties at affordable prices. We are known for delivering quality buildings of unmatched value. We are your surest brand when it comes to real estate.
One of the things he and his wife lchechi have in common is their stylish side.They are both stylish.They are a perfect match. Both of them are into real estate business.

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