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 Pretty actress, Sharon Ooja is also a host and model, born in Kaduna State in Nigeria. She came to limelight with her role in the web series “Skinny Girl In Transit”.
Sharon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Houdegbe North American University located in the Benin Republic. In 2017 Sharon hosted GT Bank’s Fashion Week red carpet alongside Timini EgbusonDakore Egbuson’s younger brother. The fashion weekend pre-event cocktail was very illustrious, it held in the heart of Victoria Island in Temple Muse Conceptual Store. She was born and bred in Kaduna, but relocated to Lagos in 2013.

She is from Benue State. She has a bubbly personality and her dazzling smile which has won her many fans. She is blessed with a beautiful figure and that explains why many designers are waiting online to work with this pretty actress, she credits most of her red carpet and events looks to designer, Somosomo, they have been both creating magic, she is more or less as a muse for the designer, no wonder, she is currently rated one of the most fashionable and stylish actresses in the movie industry.
Pretty Sharon is not just blessed with pretty look but also with brains, that also explains, why lots of outstanding producers want to feature her in their movies, within three years in the industry, she has made it to the top, featuring in almost all the blockbuster movies and acting alongside A-lists stars in the industry, she has featured in movies such as Lara and The Beat, King Of Boys, Coming From Insanity, Skinny Girl in Transit, Moms At War, From Lagos With Love, Gidi Up, and a host of others. If you are a big fan of Skinny Girl in Transit, then the character “Shalewa” is one that people love to watch all over again she captured viewers hearts, not only with her enviable looks and amazing personality but also with how, she was able to interpret the role so perfectly.

In this chat with City People Senior Showbiz Reporter, BIODUN ALAO, she talked about her journey into the industry. When asked how acting started for her, the pretty amiable actress said, I never planned to go into acting , I just bumped into acting but after hosting the GT Bank Fashion Week, I realised I just started getting lots of movies roles, I kept getting calls to feature in movie production and as God will have it, I have mothers in the industry that always watch my back and put me through a lot of things I don’t know, Ayo Adesanya is one of such mothers I have in the industry, they are always going out of their ways to put me through things, and also let me know, how to go about things in the industry, I really get amazed with their love, care and kind nature towards me, with them around, I don’t feel new in the industry anymore, they practically treat me like their own daughter.
When it comes to fashion, Sharon knows how to cross the t’s and dot the I’s, she always turns heads at every events and function, and when asked how the fashion thing started for her, this is what she said.

I have always been a fashion person right from when I was a little girl. I remember vividly that my mum will single-handedly shop for Christians clothes for my siblings and they will all be happy and be satisfied with what my mum has chosen for them, but that doesn’t apply to me. My mum will have to take me to the market to choose what I want myself, it was that bad, so I have always been a fashionista right from when I was a little child, so it is an inbuilt thing, it didn’t just start today.
What was your parent's reaction when you decided to go into acting? My parents have always supported my dream from day one, though, I didn’t just wake up and decided to go into acting just like that, I studied Mass Communication at the university and afterward, I went into a 9 to 5 job, I worked in a real estate firm, before the acting came, I realised I was enjoying the acting thing, I feel fulfilled doing it and I was not performing well in my real estate job, I decided to concentrate fully in the acting, and I bet you, I don’t have any regrets, am enjoying every bit of it, and my family members are super supportive.
So how did Sharon Ooja made it to the top within just 3 years of your career? Honestly, I don’t know either, it is just the grace of God Almighty in my life, because to me, I was just doing what I enjoy doing, and not doing anything extra, though I put in my best to interpret roles perfectly. Most often I get my scripts on time, so I have enough time to prepare for it like I already have scripts of movies I will feature in 3 months time, so I have enough time to prepare for it.
Sharon is a very friendly, playful, intelligent and a fashionista, contrary to what most people feel, she is very jovial, humble and honestly and not materialistic, lots of people judge her by her looks, and when asked how she maintains her looks and glowing skin?

Am a happy person and I do things that only make me happy, I don’t allow unnecessary things bother me at all. I relax a lot, especially when I am not on set working and also drink a lot of water, I don’t have any specific beauty routine, am just naturally a happy person, and once you are happy inside, it equally shows in your outward look.
So how do you cope with attractions from opposite sex and fans? Without the fans, we are nothing, they appreciate our works and this always encourage to do more and put in our best, so I treat my fans with lots of respect. It is also a known fact that most of these men don’t see beyond the physical appearance and conclude every beautiful lady is materialistic, they don’t want to know there’s more to offer than just the pretty looks.
All the same, I value my fans, treats them with respect and above all apply wisdom in all I do. To me, attention from men comes with a limit, so I am gradually learning to deal with it the most reasonable way. I don’t need to be rude or aggressive to every guy that comes my way. One has to handle everything with wisdom. I am always polite but I always draw a line with them.
How do you describe your style? Very simple and sexy, I don’t overdo it when I dress most times I keep it simple, sexy and chicky.

How do you cope with shuttling from one location to another? My journey in the industry has been very fantastic and I have also learned a lot of lesson through my career. It has been a nice experience for me from day one, I don’t have to go out of my way to make things happen or get things done.
I have been gliding through my playful nature, I am always playing and having fun while doing the job as well, so it just been fun for me, I don’t see it as being stressful or difficult.

-         Biodun Alao

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