Wednesday, October 9, 2019


She is big in Showbiz. She is in fact one of the pioneers of that sector. That is why whenever you mention her name everybody usually gives her accolades.
Just mention Clarion Chukwura anywhere and you will be told she is the great screen goddess. This beautiful and multi-talented is a global icon whose name and reputation transcends the shores of Nigeria.

You can also call her a screen diva. But call her what you want to call her, one thing you can take away from her is her raw beauty. She has an adorable look and whenever she breaks into a smile she surely disarms you.
She is not only beautiful, she is very very intelligent .She has been on top of her game since the 80s and she has paid her dues fully.

She is damn good at what she does. It comes to her effortlessly. She compares favourably well with her contemporaries abroad and she is even far better than many of them. Apart from acting she is stylish too. She pays a lot of attention to her looks.  That is why whenever she steps out to any function she is always gorgeously and glamorously attired.

Here, City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine unveils her new look. She looks elegant & stunning in her outfits designed by ADOREMEFIT LABEL NIG LTD.

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