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Sussanna is one of the chefs taking part in Regina Askia Williams cooking competition called Soupastars.

She recently told City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine why she is taking part in the competition and how a change in her nutrition helped saved her from deadly cancer.

Below is her story.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do
My name is Sussanna Ngodoo E Jacob, I am a special dietary needs chef, a trained nutritionist, a columnist in Good Shepherd, an author of the Nourish series a nutrition motivation book for all levels of learning, and a healthy nutrition TV host (DIET Africa) My passion for healthy lifestyle particularly culinary/dieting stems from my personal experience with a dreadful ailment (Cancer) I live in Abuja.

Why did you accept to be part of Regina Askia's project?
Super stars is much more than a competition to me, it is an intervention our country needs. Having been involved in training people on healthy nutrition, I see the huge ignorance of our people concerning healthy culinary and dieting, which is why I started a few online campaigns (Wellness Crusaders/DIET Africa)' I also write for the Catholic Weekly magazine and for the same purpose to help spread this knowledge, but I am not satisfied because only a certain people have access to these channels. 

Soup A Stars takes it further, it gives a wider audience the opportunity to relearn culinary and dieting habits that will reshape their health status. I am so excited someone is now intervening on this scale and timely. A big appreciation to Regina Askia Williams for this timely dietary intervention for our country.

Are you a good cook?
Yes I am, however, I would like to add that I am a healthy good cook. I

Tell us about your Cancer challenge and how you have been managing it through good nutrition
In 2002 I was diagnosed of cancer, I got treatment (total femur replace by) at the Vincent Pallotti hospital in Cape Town South African. It was there in 2004 my oncologist gave me a threshold of 2006. According to them it would be a miracle if I were still alive beyond 2006. After my diagnose I lived a careless lifestyle drinking and smoking and eating all the junk I could get my hands one. In 2012 I started to have crises, I was partially paralyzed in my lower limbs. 

Actually I had given up and i was ready to go.... I was tired of battling cancer, besides the doctors had told me the tumor was in a highly sensitive place and could not be operated on,so I was basically sent back home to die. but my friend (Dr. Jimme Jinedu)suggested I changed my lifestyle and I did. I started to feel better some 10months later. I believe my healthy nutrition choice is a huge factor to my being alive today, of course, God’s grace lead the way.

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