Friday, October 11, 2019


Bridgett Misaa is a pretty Skincare specialist based in Lagos. Right now, she is one of the leading Skincare therapists on the scene. She is also very popular in Dubai where she has lived for years. But she frequents home regularly. Bridgett is good at what she does. She is naturally  beautiful with a gap tooth that adds to her beauty.

Her job is to make other ladies look extremely beautiful, and to make their skin glow, just like her skin. And she is doing that well.  Many of her clients constantly come out to testify to how good her products are and how effective she is when it comes to Skincare issues. 

They have confessed to how she has helped them achieve a flawless skin that glows, by just using her Organic products, without any side effect. She also treats damaged skin. That is why some call her The Skin Doctor.  She is very knowledgeable about skincare.

How does she achieve all of these, City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine asked her a few days ago? She revealed a lot about her beauty secrets, with her Fairyskin Treatment” brand. 

“Many people usually don’t believe that we are just 4 months old and we are shaking everywhere,” Bridgett says, smiling “Why my skincare project succeeded is because before we started, I did  a lot of observation and research. I took my time to learn a lot about Skincare. I did my research. I asked  many women what they wanted. I asked for their opinion. The told me what they like and what they wanted.”

“I have been speaking online  about Skincare for a very long time,  since 2013, 2014. I have been telling them about the health benefits of natural things like  Tomatoes. People now know how to glow up their skin and get light the natural way. They were not initially conscious about their skin. I used to advice them then on how to look good.

It was when I needed to face family issues squarely and leave full time work and slow down a little bit, that I realised how a lot of women kept running to me to ask: Bridget, what can we do to our skin? Please, continue what you used to do on social media.  Don’t stop it. 1 year, 2 years, they never gave up on me. They kept telling me their skin problems. They kept asking questions. I got to know a lot about Skincare because I read a lot and I have attended courses abroad.  And these women come back to give me  feedbacks. They will say that you know what you said I should do?

I did it and I got results. So, I found out that ladies started getting conscious of themselves, knowing that there are certain things you need to do. Only cream cannot do it. They began to learn that there are some certain thing they also need to do , so that their Skin can come out looking much more natural and better”.

“So, many people now started saying:  Why not go into Skincare fully? I did my research again and I found out that although so many people have opened skincare stores, so many of them don’t know about Skincare. They don’t understand the business. I used to teach in the Oxford school, in Dubai. We used to teach our students specifically to understand what we are teaching them.”

So, I decided to start a platform, online to open peoples eyes to their skin. All I do is to remind my clients about what they can do, simple things they can do. I started doing these videos I do, to open peoples eyes, to make them conscious of things they can do to their skin. For instance, when they have Acne, we need to tell them that it can be hormonal, it could  also be as a result of having been stressed out. All I do is to explain skin problems to them, so that they won’t panic. Eating Groundnut for instance can give you Acne.

Oil can cause it. There are so many reasons. They need to calm down. That is what has made me continue with  the videos and thank God I have been getting good and, beautiful reviews. I also entertain my clients. I make them feel at ease. They just love me for who I am. That makes the work so easy and comfortable for me. That is what has been keeping me going.”

How was she able to  package her Fairyskin Treatment products into beautiful containers that gives it a classy look? “It is all as a result of the researches I did before I started. Before I started I went round the beauty shops and took a look at all the big brands like Elizabeth Harden, Clarins, & some other brands.  I used them and compared them and I got to realise why people don’t really like their product in Nigeria. I found that in Nigeria people cannot wait for long to see the impact of their toning on their skin. People can’t wait. After one or 2 weeks of applying a product if they don’t see the result they will move on to something else.

They don’t believe that there are some skins that need to be treated and that more often than not they   require time to heal inside them. I found out that many ladies like our own home grown products, our own home made products here. I got feedbacks from women who use lightening creams. I now began to think of how to treat people’s skin in a way that will lighten it up and not damage it. It took a long time.

I had to go back to the drawing board to plan, and to decide on the face of the brand. I had to go through the normal processing.  Thank God, We have our NAFDAC number now. So, all my clients know that our products have been screened, tried and tested. I had to research into the colours I can use for my products,  that is not too colourful, something that will be pleasing to the eyes, something people will see and they will want to pick up”.

We also asked her why a lot of ladies have now taken a lot of interest in their skin, unlike before. “The reason is simple. Every woman wants to be beautiful. Every lady wants to enhance one thing or the other. When you are beautiful you get more attention. When you are beautiful you get results. That the thinking of   a lot of ladies .

Yes, its working for them.  Some will say maybe if I change my skin tone a little bit maybe I will be attractive to my husband, maybe I can get the type of job I want, and it goes on and on  like that. The minute they find something that makes them achieve that beauty,  they stick with it. Everybody is beginning to get conscious of their skin, from the young ones to the old ones, from Men to Women. Men are not left out. Even Children too”.

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