Tuesday, October 1, 2019


There is this skincare brand that is currently making waves in Lagos. It's called Annora Secrets Skincare. It's a 2year old brand having been founded in May 2017.
The Creative Director is Ify Augustina Mordi. She is a trained professional beautician/Esthetician.

She is very good at what she does.

What is Annora Secrets Skincare all about? We asked her this recently and she revealed a lot.

Annora secrets skin care is a skin care brand for all skin types and gender.
We offer different range of skin care practices that boosts human confidence and supports skin integrity and appearance

We offer professional total body and skincare services relating to organic and natural products

Why did she go into the beauty business?

Hummmm. Its a long story!
While growing up.. I have always had this passion for beauty..it all started with Makeovers(Makeup and jewelry adornments)

I was always conscious of my beauty..it became an obsession.

All through university..I was always having a flashy look..I'm easily noticed
So fast forward to 2016..My mum called me one day and said she has enrolled me into a beauty school where I could learn makeup and skin care.

My mum was against my flashy looks while I was younger, so I was surprised she was even encouraging me now.

I started the beauty school, initially with the intention to have a certificate and at least be among the certified ones cos then Makeup was more invogue
Then my independency life brewed out..I have and has always loved independent life
I became more serious with my studies in beauty school that was when the Passion for skincare came in.

While all these was going on I found out I was few weeks pregnant.
It was devastating for me and my mother..being an only child, my dad was late many years ago

I forged ahead with the help of my mum and family members.. But I knew reality had dawned on me I could only make do with what they had for a short period and I wasn't ready to be a liability to anyone.

I was 27 years as that moment. I graduated well and paused to nurture my pregnancy..after the birth of my Son in March 2017.. I began my skin care journey business in a very little way.

In May 2017,  It was a very tough one for me..physcially,mentally and health wise
Been a ceasarian section new mum..I went to organic market in Ojota and started my very first shopping

I could remember how I formulated my first product in a small size eatable bowl🤣

But today I produce in drums and basins.

To cut the long story short..it has been a rollar coaster ride
But I'm happy..it ended in praise.

I can afford my needs without the help of anybody..I provide for my mother whatever she needs.

And my son's father is very responsive towards he's son
To God be the glory.

Why did she call her brand Annora?

Annora is a feminine name from Latin origin
It means Honour.

I like the Name when its pronounced and what it stands for..hence I choose that name.

And a close friend of mine has a daughter bearing Annora prior to the birth of Annora secrets skin care.

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