Thursday, October 17, 2019


* Wash after each wear: white gets dirty easily unlike other colors of clothes that can be worn 2-3 times before it can be laundered. Wash your white clothes immediately after use.

*Separate whites from other colors: do not mix your whites clothes with other deep colors so as to avoid any form of blemish.

* Sort according to fabric: the texture of your fabric will determine the pattern in washing it. Cotton is a tough fabric that can withstand hot water while wool and linen are prone to shrinking and that can damage the texture and look of the fabric. Wool and linen should be washed in cold water.

* Dry in the sun: dry your whites in the sun, the sun acts as a wonderful bleaching agent and can be an indispensable tool in keeping whites in good shape. The outdoor air provides a natural method of giving your clothes a fresh and clean smell.

* Add vinegar to your washing technique: vinegar are acidic in nature and it helps disinfect and remove stains and can also remove unpleasant smells such as mold mildew and body odor. Do not overdo vinegar use because large quantity can cause damage to your clothes.

* Check for stains after laundering: check garments one after the other if there is any residual stain. Wash the garment again and rinse properly, recheck if the stain is still there and if it’s not, air dry the garment.

*Ironing: avoid using heat that is too high when ironing this can leave a stain on your garment. Keep the setting on a lower temperature and use steam or water to relax wrinkles.

* Avoid wearing whites on days you would be going around: Avoid wearing whites on rainy days, whites can be worn safely on sunny days. Do not wear whites when you are engaging yourself in a lot of activities like cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids.

*Take care of stains immediately: boot stain carefully, do not rub. Immediately remove the garment and use a stain remover or a toothbrush and your detergent to treat the stain, after the spot treatment, rinse and soak for 30-60 minutes in hot soapy water.

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