Tuesday, October 15, 2019


My name is Abimbola Sonde. I am a UK based, but Nigerian born serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.  I am the founder and CEO of CQ Beauty Haven, CQ Foundation, CQ Food Hub, CQ Clothing, CQ Properties and CQ Concierge Services.

I have a passion for beauty, cooking, art and charity. Most importantly I am passionate about helping women regain and boost their self confidence through my women empowerment programme and beauty brand. I did turn my passion into what CQ is today which is my daily drive.

I started my mission to create the most epic skin food Ever 5 years ago. CQ Beauty Haven is a dream come true that I will forever be thankful for.

The incredible response and feedback for creations has been amazing and its the reason I keep pushing hard and going all the way out for my clients.

Passion and hardwork put into this brand has made it successfully rewarding all by God’s grace.
My bare hands make CQ products and that itself is a joyful process.
You can be extremely certain that you will never shop chemical waste within my formulas as I only make 100% organic skin food.
If you want to discover more about my organic range please visit my website and subscribe to join the amazing CQ lovers out there.
www.cqbeautyhaven.com, Email: sales@cqbeautyhaven
UK line: +447387596862, +447424065809
Nigeria line: +2348060581675


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