Monday, October 28, 2019

Poshglow Skincare CEO, FOLASADE OMOTOYINBO Celebrates Her Brand @ 2

Yeye Folasade Omotoyinbo is in a happy mood right now. Her BIG brand Poshglow Skincare is 2. And she is happy at what she and her team have been able to achieve in just 2 years.

She is excited at how Poshglow has become one of the top brands in skincare.

How did she achieves this?

She told City people Online Fashion and beauty Magazine her success story recently.

Why is Posh Glow The Best...

In the wake of every new day, more and more organic companies spring up to serve the teaming target audience who would be willing to patronise them. However, the reality is that not all of them will survive the competition and struggle.

Most Organic skin care companies focus on generating sales, others focus on the maintaining of one’s skin. This is what Posh Glow Cosmetic Investment has focused its strength on.  They have come to understand what maintaining one’s skin and have been helping people realize a bright and perfect skin look.

Based on this background impression, the following question pops up; Why is Posh Glow the best?

To give a response to this question, let’s build a background.
Firstly, Posh Glow team & management invest tremendous amount of time capital in formulating the range of organic products that is not only mild on the skin of its customers but effective in the purpose for which such organic product was produced for.

Secondly, Posh Glow products are not as expensive as regular organic products. The price of the products has catered to all of its clients’ categories including students.
Another reason Posh Glow is the best is the fact that during product development, it focuses on all skin shades, against the services all other organic skincare products render. This has given Posh Glow a competitive edge and has made it Stand out from the rest.

Posh Glow Products not only serve the purpose for which it was produced. it rejuvenates the skin leaving it moist, smooth and without blemishes. To compliment a perfect skin, Posh Glow has a Spa located at Allen Avenue, the heart of Ikeja. The Spa treatment will exfoliate the skin (removing dead cells) to give the organic products the potency it requires to give pure and bright skin.

Finally, if you are thinking about the best experience in Customer Care and delivery service, Posh Glow has the best team put together to carry out the  best customer response and home delivery.  Posh Glow will help make your skin do the talking.

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