Thursday, October 24, 2019


This is the story about controversial blogger, Bold Pink. The word in town before now was that this pretty young babe is pregnant and she is single.
City People Online got her to speak about this controversy and she dropped the bombshell today that she is not only married but she is happily married.

"Don't mind rumour mongers. I am happily married but I have kept my hubby out of the media,"she told City People Online Fashion and beauty Magazine.
Boldpink is a very humble young girl in her early 20’s who has a programming company in USA. I am a wife to the most wonderful man in the world although he wants to remain anonymous for now. I have a beautiful daughter. I am also a certified respiratory therapist in USA. Yes I do have a very bold personality but I am not a person who gets joy by been wicked like people may think.

What made her go into blogging? I actually became a blogger because I saw that Nigerians need to be told the harsh truth some time. I felt the need to correct some of the wrong doings in Nigeria especially in the entertainment sector
Is she not scared of the controversial stories she writes? "No, not at all. l am not.
I am not scared of controversy. Why should I be! Without controversy there will be no excitement.

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