Saturday, October 12, 2019


Omotayo Titobi Oladapo is a good example of what she does for a living. She's a Skin Therapist. She helps other ladies achieve a smooth and flawless skin that glows.

She runs one of the successful skincare brands in Lagos named after her. It’s called Ttobyglow Skincare.

She spoke to Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine a few days ago about skincare tips every lady must know about. Below are excerpts of the interview.

introduce yourself Tell us about what you do

I’m a skin therapist, am into production and sales of all skin types cream. I deal with damage skin and all types of skin treatment and maintenance.

How did you get into the skincare business? What year?

I started in 2017.out of Passion for glowing skins and their maintenance.

So what services do you offer?

I sell stretch marks cream, knuckles peeling cream, body repair kit, green veins cream, whitening set, glow and flawless set, lightening set, kids glow set, hot chocolate set, pimples set.

How did you start and how did you grow your business?

I started with a very small scale but now thank God it is really getting better.

Can you recollect how much you started your business with?

I started with a very small amount of money.

From your observations what are the problems ladies face with their skin
Some skin problems are caused by the use of chemical, nowadays every ladies wants to get white without using the right cream which is Organic cream, they then use cheap chemicals which damages the skins and causes stretch marks and green veins on their bodies

Why are more and more women now paying attention to  their skin?

They are paying attention to their skins because every woman want to look good for there husbands most especially, some skins that glow alone makes women happy

What advice would you give any lady who wants to brighten or tone her skin?

My advice, in a nutshell, is that they shouldn't make use of chemicals even if they want to brighten their skin or tone it, they should come to Ttobyglow skincare where they can get the best organic products at affordable prices

What is the general advice that you will give ladies on how best to take care of their skin

Taking fruits regularly especially cucumber, carrot, apple and so on. Avoiding fake creams especially the ones that contain hydrogen. Avoiding Scorchy sun especially on the face (try to always use shades to protect sunburn).

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  1. I knew this lady very well infact I remember I once patronize her and her cream is the best but I lost her contact can anyone help me with Her number pls I will love to patronize her again