Sunday, October 27, 2019

What Should Be In A Ladies? By ZINNAT WILLIAMS

The necessary items needed in a ladies bag.

* Tissues: this can help in place of an handkerchief when you want to sneeze.

*Breath freshner: always keep mints or gum in your bag , a bad breath is a turnoff when speaking to people .

*Hand sanitizer: it serves as a form of disinfectant from any form of germs. This would be helpful if you ride a public transport .

* Stain eraser pen: this saves you from a messed up cloth when out and it would be a fast effect to remove stains from your wears when you can’t get a laundry soap to clean off the stain.

*Cardholder: Starbucks card is paramount. Quick and easy access to keep your contacts intact.

*Blotting papers: theseabsorbent little sheets are an elegant way to wipe excess oil from the face region.

*Pen and notepad: is one accessory that should always be in your handbag because they can be an emergency of you to document something down.

*Sunglasses and case: once the sun sets, you need to place your sunglasses back in it case to keep the surface of the shade from scratching.

*Hand lotion: sometimes your hands need a little bit of attention. Hand lotion is a life saver when out and you find yourself with a dry hand, you can just keep them moisturized.

*Perfume: a woman should always have a lingering scent, torn of stress with a sweaty body can bring about an unpleasant smell.

* Nail file: is definitely an item every woman should have in her bag in case of a bad nail days.

* Wallet: the list of essentials every woman should have in her bag is not complete without a wallet to keep your cash in it.

*Bobby Pin and hair band: the humidity and the heat tend to ruin our hair from time to time. Hair accessories should be in your bag to avoid bad hair day.

* Lip moisturizer: to keep or lips moisturized when dry.

* Safety pins: these are a lifesaver if you pop a button or seam.

*Extra earring: when your earrings get missing , having another earring in your bag is a backup.

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