Thursday, October 3, 2019


Lagos big babe, Toyin Lawani is a popular celebrity Stylist & Designer. She is very big on INSTAGRAM. This pretty babe, who is blessed with a lovely figure & flawless skin that glows, has created so many Instagam handles to take care of her 32 businesses. For instance, she has Tiannahsplacempire. She has a separate handle for elegantebytiannah styling. She has another one for lingeriesbytiannah

And day in day out, many of her fans frequent her Instagram pages to see all her bold and audacious photos, promoting her lingerie & bikini brand. She also promotes other brands. She is one of the leading brand influencers on INSTAGRAM. Truth be told, there is no brand she can’t influence, to help achieve great sales. She current models for Kolaqalagbo International. Last August, when she posted some of her seductive photos on her Instagram handle, hell was let loose. Toyin flaunted her body with her tatoos.

Last week, Toyin Lawani told City People that she enjoys flaunting her body to promote her products? She is usually call the goddess of seduction. Many people have wondered why she flaunts her beautiful body on Instagram, and in videos, to promote some of the beauty products she sells? She loves to slay in the several Bikinis and Lingeries that she sells? Toyin told City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine that she does not mind the fact that some people have come to see her as, very daring & naughty, by always exposing her body whenever she feels like.

“I don’t care. What I do is I simply Block & Delete. I can’t waste my time reacting to their views, because that is their own opinion. It does not define who I am. I just block them and I delete their comments because I don’t want to give myself any headache. There is nothing I am going to say that will make anybody who hates me to change his or her mind about me. I am who I am. I am Toyin Lawani. I stand out always.”

“I see their comments all the time. They will say, I don’t like Tiannah, because she is always showing her body. Why can’t they look at all the other things they like about Tiannah and say it? Why play up what they consider to be negative, which really is not negative at all? I have a lovely body that I can use to promote my beauty & fashion products. So, why can’t I flaunt it? Why must I hide my body, if I have a good body and a flawless skin? 

Why can’t they tell young girls that I am inspiring them, that I am teaching them to be hardworking, showing them what I do for a living? I show people how to work, how to be creative, not like all the people on social media that  are fake, that are coming out to say they have what they don’t have, all those things. These people are making young girls run a race that is not even their own, living a fake life that makes them feel like, this is what I am supposed to be doing on social media to get attention”.

“But I am showing other girls hardwork. Do you know how challenging it is to create a bikini & lingerie line and promote it to become a big brand in just a few months? It takes a lot of hardwork. I run 32 businesses, full time. I work hard. But what do they make of that? They want to run me down. And they focus on irrelevant things. I really don’t care about haters

I do what I do, to promote my business on Instagram. I am only on INSTAGRAM to make my money. That is the truth. If I sell bikinis and lingeries, why can’t I model it and sell it. Should I wear Iro & Buba to advertise Bikinis? Is it not what I am selling that I will wear? Don’t mind them.

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