Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why l Am A Great Advocate Of Eating Healthy - Food Blogger, CHEF ODIRAA

Chef Odiraa is a big name in the food and nutrition industry. She is actually an expert and a food blogger who many follow religiously because she knows her onions.

City people online fashion and beauty magazine recently got her to reveal a bit about what she does for a living.
She is one of the chefs taking part in Regina Askia Williams cooking competition called Soupastars.

She also told us why she accepted to be part of the competition.

My name is Odiraa, am a food blogger and I represent
I research on healthy food recipes, teach on their benefits and the best way to prepare nutritious and healthy meals from our locally sourced ingredients.

Soupastars is on a mission to promote a healthier food alternatives to compounded medication through  better and healthy food choices of our Nigerian grown foods, better knowledge on benefits of improved cooking methods,  whilst promoting indigenous food-related businesses and supporting them through a reality cooking competition. Any organization that promotes the core values of living a healthier lifestyle through food choices in a fun way aligns with my personal objectives.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with Soupastars,

I will be working as a chef Imo in this cooking competition.  The competition  opens opportunity for me to self-development whilst  exposing my work on researched and taught method of cooking and eating healthier food choices on  Experience has taught me that you are what you eat. I believe that with improved knowledge of healthy food choices and their cooking methods which I always advocate in my blog videos am sure a lot of diseases like cancer, diabetes will be curtailed.

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