Saturday, November 9, 2019


She is always in white from head to toe. This is her signature style. Anywhere you meet Erelu Oodua Tinuade Onaneye you can't miss her because she will always put on white garments.
She lives in the US. She lives in Washington DC. She is from Ode Aye in the Southern part of Ondo State.

She wears white because white is the only particular colour that suits her royal title. She has been putting on white since 2015.

She wears white because she believes in what white connotes. lf you ask her she will tell you about the spiritual potency of white because White signifies purity and that's what she promotes and preaches.

She feels you can still look good all the time in white. In her dressing she infuses African traditional style with a touch of the modern to get her own unique style.

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