Friday, November 1, 2019

How to take care of your Jewelry By Zinnat Williams

* Store your jewelry in zip locks, empty clean containers, drawstring purses. You can put your jewelry in wooden boxes, walls lined with foam and if you are storing your jewelry inside a container “plastic or tin” ensure you place a soft cloth like clintz, velvet, or cotton.

* Keep your chains clasped to avoid getting them tangled.

* Clean your jewelry with a soft clean cloth to maintain the shine.

* Try not to expose your jewelry to everyday chemicals such as hair products, perfume or direct sunlight because they are likely to damage them.

* Avoid getting your pearls or beads wet, they are likely to lose their sheen. Simply wipe off the dirt on them with a soft clean cloth.

* Avoid using abrasive cleaners on jewelry because they can strip the metals. Use them for your silver or gold jewelry and that should be used only when it’s necessary.

* Don’t Use silver “dip” cleaners on gold jewelry.

* Take off your jewelry before you perform any sports.

* Gemstone jewelry needs to be taken extra care of and you can do this by cleaning it with a soft brush and mild soapy water.

* Regularly polish your platinum and silver jewelry to avoid tarnishing.

* Place your silver, gold and pearl jewelry separately, it shouldn’t be jumbled up together. If possible, separate gold and all other jewelries from each other. Keep pearls in a bag or box and ensure the pearls containers saving is not too airtight.

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