Monday, November 4, 2019

I Am Enjoying Every Bit of My Life As An Actor & TV Host - Nancy Isime Tells Citypeople

Nancy Isime is the beautiful lady who co-anchored the recent Headies Awards in Lagos. She is a star actress & TV Host.

Not only is she beautiful she is stylish too. She is an elegant stallion. She is brilliant and very articulate.

A few days back she told Citypeople Online Fashion and beauty Magazine her success story. Below are excerpts of the chat.

Actor &TV Host, Nancy Isime is one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood right now. She is the beautiful lady who hosts all the major events taking place in the country today. She is also on the promo of a lot of new cinema movies that came out this Year.

She is a good actress who interprets her roles very well. She is very educated and brilliant in her conduct. That is why so many Nollywood producers feature her.

How does it make her feel we asked her. "I don't think l am one of the most sought after actresses like you claim, but if you think so who am I to argue with that assertion. lt feels good. l am happy. And I am not taking it for granted."

I am putting a lot into what I do. All I do is to work hard and put myself into my roles."

How does she see herself? Who is Nancy Isime? How did she get into the movie industry and which movie launched her to limelight?

These and many more were the questions we asked her.

"Nancy is an actor & TV Host. I got into acting through a director who asked me to come for an audition for a role in a movie," she explained
Which movie launched her?"I don't think it's because of my role in one movie that launched me.I think it's just my role in a collection of movies that really launched me to limelight. There isn't that particular one movie. It's just a couple of movies. Everything just came together.

What is her area of specialization in the movie industry?

"I don't specialize. I do everything. I do both TV and Big screen.l do small screen. I haven't done stage yet. I am hoping to do the stage someday. So l do TV,Films & Big screen films and the Cinema.

What part of Nigeria is Nancy from? "I am from Edo State",she reveals.

Which are the movies she has acted in? "A lot. I can't readily come up with everything. But this year a lot of movies I acted in came out at the Cinema. These are films like Made ln Heaven, and , Higher Woman. Living ln Bondage is coming out very soon. There are others like Don't Get Mad Get Even and more. I can't think of more on the top of my head. Merry Men 2 as well is coming up in December.

Where was she born? Where was growing up?

"Lagos. l was born in Lagos. I grew up in Lagos. I schooled for 3 years in Benin Edo State. I did a year in Port Harcourt as well in UNIPORT.

Has she produced her own movies?"No. I have never produced any movie before.

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